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Effective 26th October 2015


Computer Aided Business Consultancy Limited announce that they have formed an agreement with Advoco Solutions.  Under the agreement Advoco will take over the provision of all service contracts. Advoco Solutions are an established Maximizer Business Partner and offer a range of CRM and IT services.

For enquiries regarding Maximizer CRM or technical assistance please contact Advoco Solutions directly on 0345 260 8801

Computer Aided Business Consultancy Limited  would like to thank all our cloud customers for their support since this service started in spring 2012.

Information about the MaximizerCloud Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we add users to our service when we need them?
You can add new users to your service at any time. If you have 3 or more users on your system then you do not need to contact us to do this and your administrator can add the required users upto a maximum total of 10 users on the system. You will automatically be charged for any additional users enabled on the service for any period of time as this is a requirement of Maximizer Software. When you require more than 10 users in total please contact CABC to discuss upgrading to our next level of service. Being able to add users means you can quickly adapt to changes within your organisation.
Once up and running, how often will our database be backed up? Amazon
Your Maximizer data is backed up to a file store area that is separate from the servers that host your service on a nightly basis. Previous back-ups are kept for a standard 14 day retention cycle. The data is still retained within the same secure physical location in the UK.  If you have also purchased 1 or more MaxExchange users for your system then you effectively also have your own copy of the data on your synchronised computer.
If we need a backup to be restored, how do we go about doing this?
In the unlikely event that you need to restore you will need to make a help desk request through our Customer Service team. We will do this once free of charge in any 12 month period. However, please be aware that if you are operating MaxExchange there may be other consequences to be considered.
We already have our CRM data in an on-premise version of Maximizer. Can we upload it into our MaximizerCloud service database?
If you have existing data in a current or previous version of Maximizer we can upload this for you free of charge when you subscribe to the MaximizerCloud service. We will import 1 database free of charge. If you have additional databases or request database migration at a later time then we will advise you that you will need to purchase a number of management units to cover our time on this task.
We already have data in non Maximizer format. Can we import this?
If you have existing data in a format other than Maximizer we can almost certainly help you load this. As everybodies source data is very different we will need to provide an individual quotation for this work.
What is the maximum amount of data I can store in my MaximizerCloud CRM?
The maximum size of your data in our standard MaximizerCloud service is 10gb. If you subscribe to our MaximizerCloud Enterprise service your database can be virtually unlimited in size.
Is our data secure and safe, we wouldn't want anybody to get our data, either from the live system or the backup?
Your data is physically secure as it is held in the UK within its own secure compound, with 3-metre fencing and controlled entry. Access to the data within the application is as secure as the passwords you set and maintain for accessing your user accounts. We strongly recommend that you use complex passwords which are changed on a regular basis. Data transmitted between your browser and our service is encrypted with industry standard SSL security.
If we ever decided to move to an in-house solution would we be able to get our database off you?
You can migrate your data to an on-premise Maximizer system at any time although you may still have a committment to the contract for the live service which will extend beyond this point. If you are migrating to an on-premise Maximizer solution with CABC we will of course take this into consideration.
Do you have any guarantees in the up time of the system?
Our server platform is operated to the target performance below:-
  • 99.9% SLA Uptime
  • < or = 40ms European latency
  • < or = 130ms USA latency
  • < 0.01% packet loss
We will occassionally require to deploy service and infastructure upgrades of which you will be advised in advance if we anticipate that they may cause disruption of more than 15 minutes to your service.
Who would we contact if we have an issue with the MaximizerCloud system?
All issues regarding operation of MaximizerCloud.Net Entrepreneur service are dealt with via our customer service portal only which you will be given access to when you subscribe. Professional and Enterprise service can obtain help from the help desk on the help desk number 01635 570990 or via the customer service portal which you will be given access to when you subscribe. All cases are issued with reference numbers and are dealt with under our support terms for this service.
When Maximizer release a new versions and service updates will the automatically be updated and is that included in the monthly fees?
Yes these updates are included in the service. For major updates you will receive 14 days advance notification of when your service is being upgraded and if you are operating MaxExchange users or Blackberry MaxMobile users these users will need redeployment which may be an additionally chargeable service. At your request we can postpone your service upgrade but we will not do so for more than 6 months after the update release by Maximizer Software in the UK. Please note that from time to time upgrades to the service may require you to redeploy the Microsoft Word and Outlook integration components on your computer.
How do we pay for our Maximizer service?
The service is paid for on a monthly basis with a minimum 12 months contract. The service fees are collected monthly in advance for the basic fee for the number of users you have subscribed/enabled and in arrears for any additional service charges incurred during the previous month (for example - additional users added). Monthly subscription payments will be taken via recurring credit card alternatively we can arrange for payment to be collected by direct debit after the 1st month.
If we didn't pay for our service would our access be blocked?
Yes, access to your service will be blocked within 7 days if payment is not received and you could risk loss of all of your data as accounts that are not paid for will be automatically decommissioned after 10 working days.

Benefits of a Cloud CRM

Choosing to equip your business with a CRM solution from a SaaS supplier means that there is no hold up to getting started and no need for dedicated hardware or IT support. Your SaaS based CRM can grow with your business by simply enabling additional users as and when you need them.

Click here to access a pdf on what is cloud computing


Hosted or on Premise?

Choosing between hosted and on-premise is usually quite simple when you evaluate your needs with our quick comparison grid. Maximizer from CABC gives you the choice of a CRM installed in your office or with MaximizerCloud a SaaS solution with few overheads. Because our service is based on the Maximizer CRM product family you also have the possibility of switching between a SaaS and on-premise solution with the minimum fuss if your business needs change.

Read about deployment options here



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